Points of Unity

*We are settlers living on stolen land.

*Settler Colonialism is a structure that continues today, not just a thing of the past.

*As settlers we benefit from this system.

*We are not entitled to be here in the Karuk, Hoopa, Yurok, Konomihu, Shasta, and Shasta New River Homeland.

*We want to support Indigenous led material change and Indigenous resurgence.

*The state of the world is unsatisfactory due to dominating culture, which has been perpetuated generationally.

*We do not have a right to Indigenous knowledge, yet we believe Indigenous knowledge is critical to this place and the survival of life on this planet.

*All of our liberation is tied together, no one is free until we all are free.

*We believe decolonization is a process, the destination is unknown, it
means different things to different people, it is not centered on the
future of settlers, and it is ultimately about the repatriation of land.

*For white settlers “unsettling” is a process of facing and destroying a false entitlement and be-heading an identity that affords us a toxic privilege.

*Becoming new people will require on the ground material change to power and privilege, we can not “think” ourselves into a new way of being.

*We want to see change in our lifetime and are also dedicated to change for future generations and all life.