About Us

Unsettling Klamath River are a group of settlers, living on the Klamath and Salmon Rivers, who have come together to honestly question the “elephant in the room”: the continued occupation of Karuk, Hoopa, Yurok, Kanamihu and Shasta homelands. While we understand that the values of settler society are the problem and not necessarily settler people themselves, we recognize that we have a responsibility to face our position as beneficiaries of settler colonialism (even though we have not intended to benefit in this way). Our group has been meeting for almost two years now, starting our efforts with educating ourselves about the system of settler colonialism and specifically how this system works locally. We have met, both formally and informally with Indigenous people from the area in our efforts to understand the current moment in time here on the river, and how best to take action against the settler colonial system, which we believe is deeply detrimental to all life on earth. This work entails both analysis and on the ground action and material change which means fighting for Indigenous access to stolen lands and resources.


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  1. Hey there Peter, Not many options for colors/font colors on the free wordpress version. It’s frustrating to design with. I changed it to something more readable. Thanks for the message.
    Keep on, Shay


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